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daily journal (6/22/12 and 6/23/12)

Forgot to make this post yesterday. Oops! I'm clearly not getting off to the best start.


I don't remember exactly what I ate yesterday, so I might be a little fuzzy on this.
Breakfast: two strawberry-blueberry muffins with margarine
Lunch: seven MorningStar Farms buffalo wings (vegetarian) with ketchup
Snack: a very disappointing apple
Dinner: two slices Bertucci's "mini" cheese pizza, one roll with olive oil
Drinks: three cups of tea, four cups of water

Exercise: Swimming. Does tanning count as exercise if I was sweating my butt off?

DSCF3301Grey tank top (Old Navy), yellow crop sweater (Target), colored necklace (Old Navy), jeans (Taret), pink pumps (Payless)

High Point: TWO phone calls from the Fiance!

Low Point: Going to the eye doctor and finding out that I am blinder than I thought I was. Yeesh. New contact lenses, here I come.

Feelings: Still feeling crappy in the morning and night. Bleh. This will probably be sticking with me for a month or so, sadly. 

Accomplishments: Finished my draft of my Clint/Natasha Avengers fic! Officially sent to DH for beta-ing. :)


Breakfast: Honey-nut Cheerios with Lactaid milk
Lunch: garden stuffed crepes from IHOP (no, I do not want to know how many calories they had, though I did ask them to leave out the extra cheese and to put the sauce on the side, so that's something)
Dinner: 6-inch sub from Subway (wheat bread, swiss cheese, avocado, spinach, and tomato), SunChips, chocolate chip cookie
Drinks: hot chocolate, six cups of water

Exercise: basically none. Floated in the pool and read my book, which was relaxing but not especially useful from an activity perspective.

DSCF3304Dark blue shorts (Old Navy), green cowl tank (H&M), necklace (Forever 21), flat sandals (Payless)

High Point: Our waiter at IHOP was really sweet and friendly and attentive, and when I accidentally left my to-go box on the table, he ran out after us to make sure I got it. What a sweetheart! I'm glad we left him an extra tip.

Low Point: Didn't really have a low point today! It was a good day. :)

Feelings: General positivity. I had a good day and felt pretty consistently content, if not happy. As I'm writing this I'm feeling a little congested and my cough is coming back, but I know it'll be fine by tomorrow afternoon.

Accomplishments: Was immensely proud of myself for going to IHOP and having a delicious meal that I DIDN'T immediately guilt myself over. I think it was a big step in feeling good about myself. :) Not counting calories has been really, really hard, but I know that it's better for me in the long run and I'm staying healthier because of it.
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