kuhori_rei (kuhori_rei) wrote,

daily journal, 6/21/12

Day 2!

Breakfast: one strawberry-blueberry muffin, toasted with butter
Lunch: broccoli and cheddar soup, salad with vinaigrette dressing
Dinner: asparagus risotto, two "Chik'n Griller" patties (vegan), three slices watermelon
Drinks: definitely not enough, considering the weather. One cup of tea, a strawberry mojito with lunch (yum!), and a total of four cups of water

Walked across a parking lot, and swam for about 10 minutes (not laps, just leisurely swimming, but it's movement!).

DSCF3298Yellow peplum top (Forever 21), khaki shorts (Old Navy), flats (Target), yellow beaded necklace (Old Navy). Not pictured because I added them after I took the pic, but I also wore a gold-beaded bracelet and earring set I found at a thrift store in Boston.

High Point: Lunch with MN and HJC, who I haven't seen in almost three years. Exciting!

Low Point: Finding out that my visit with Fiance this weekend won't be nearly as long as I thought--and I didn't get the phone call I was hoping for tonight. This summer's distance is a lot harder than any of our others have been so far. Not sure why it's so hard to adapt this time, but I'm hoping it gets better soon, or it's going to be a pretty miserable summer.

Feelings: Really missing Fiance. Chest cold is definitely getting better, though still at its worst in the mornings and evenings (I've been coughing pretty constantly for the past hour or so.) Going to make a cup of tea and apply some Vicks before bed. Had a pretty enjoyable dinner with the parents, and Mom (SHOCK!) bought me a wedding crafts book. I was stunned, and really proud that she's taking this step toward really accepting that Fiance and I are really going to get married, even if it is still off in the future. So that was good. :)

Accomplishments: I wrote about a thousand words of my Avengers fic today! It's not the original stories I'd like to be writing, but I've been in a funk for so long that I'm just really happy that I was able to do any writing at all. :)

Tags: daily journal post, weight loss
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