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Hey everyone! I know I have been suspiciously absent for awhile, and I'm super sorry about that. The last few weeks have been really difficult, physically and emotionally, mostly due to the fact that there was just too much on my plate. BUT, I've turned things around, I think, and we're back on track.

So let's talk positives!
- I broke my 146-lb weight plateau, and as of yesterday I am down to 145.2! My goal is to be in the 130s (even if it's the high 130s) by the time Fiance comes home. And speaking of Fiance...
- FIANCE COMES HOME IN LESS THAN A MONTH!! 30 days to be exact. I am so excited to see him. I had planned to be super slim and slender by the time he got back, but really? I know he loves my body no matter what, and I'm going to be too busy smothering him with cuddles for him to even look at it. (Well, until the not-cuddling starts. :P)
- I have finished 2/6 grad school application essays, and dropped off all of my letter of reference materials to the lovely folks who are writing my recommendations.
- It's almost Thanksgiving break! For Tofurkey Day, I'll be going back to my hometown, playing with the high school marching band in our rivalry game against The Evil Empire (as we fondly call them). Marching band alums always play the field show and attend the special breakfast with the rest of the band Thanksgiving Day morning. Also, my two adorable baby cousins (we shall call them Berry and Gobe, as those are their nicknames) will be visiting with their parents. (Down side of that is that I'm being evicted from my bedroom, but it's okay. Sister and I will have a sibling-bonding sleepover.)
- I got an 'A' on a paper that I wrote in (literally) 2 hours!

All in all, things are going fairly well right now.

What are some positive things in your lives right now?
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