kuhori_rei (kuhori_rei) wrote,

challenge day 24

Tumblr 30 day weight loss challenge, day 24: How do you feel about the terms pro-ana/pro-mia?

I think anyone who identifies with either needs to get themselves to a mental health professional, STAT. Anorexia and Bulimia are not diet plans, they are not weight-loss strategies, they are mental illnesses. They have serious emotional, psychological, and physical side effects; they are not fucking Tumblr trends.

I would personally like to go up to every single person who is "pro-ana" or "pro-mia" and do this:


DISCLAIMER: I am obviously not talking about slapping people who are actually suffering from anorexia or bulimia. I'm talking about the people who say "yay I am going to starve myself for three days to lose some weight haha #pro-ana" or "omg i ate a cookie, brb taking seven laxatives and eight diet pills and sticking my finger down my throat #pro-mia" and people who post pictures of anorexia victims as "thinspiration" and people who are not aware that they are spreading the message that these techniques are in any way okay. They are all assholes and deserve a serious reality check. In the form of a slap to the face.
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