daily journal (6/22/12 and 6/23/12)

Forgot to make this post yesterday. Oops! I'm clearly not getting off to the best start.


I don't remember exactly what I ate yesterday, so I might be a little fuzzy on this.
Breakfast: two strawberry-blueberry muffins with margarine
Lunch: seven MorningStar Farms buffalo wings (vegetarian) with ketchup
Snack: a very disappointing apple
Dinner: two slices Bertucci's "mini" cheese pizza, one roll with olive oil
Drinks: three cups of tea, four cups of water

Exercise: Swimming. Does tanning count as exercise if I was sweating my butt off?

DSCF3301Grey tank top (Old Navy), yellow crop sweater (Target), colored necklace (Old Navy), jeans (Taret), pink pumps (Payless)

High Point: TWO phone calls from the Fiance!

Low Point: Going to the eye doctor and finding out that I am blinder than I thought I was. Yeesh. New contact lenses, here I come.

Feelings: Still feeling crappy in the morning and night. Bleh. This will probably be sticking with me for a month or so, sadly. 

Accomplishments: Finished my draft of my Clint/Natasha Avengers fic! Officially sent to DH for beta-ing. :)


Breakfast: Honey-nut Cheerios with Lactaid milk
Lunch: garden stuffed crepes from IHOP (no, I do not want to know how many calories they had, though I did ask them to leave out the extra cheese and to put the sauce on the side, so that's something)
Dinner: 6-inch sub from Subway (wheat bread, swiss cheese, avocado, spinach, and tomato), SunChips, chocolate chip cookie
Drinks: hot chocolate, six cups of water

Exercise: basically none. Floated in the pool and read my book, which was relaxing but not especially useful from an activity perspective.

DSCF3304Dark blue shorts (Old Navy), green cowl tank (H&M), necklace (Forever 21), flat sandals (Payless)

High Point: Our waiter at IHOP was really sweet and friendly and attentive, and when I accidentally left my to-go box on the table, he ran out after us to make sure I got it. What a sweetheart! I'm glad we left him an extra tip.

Low Point: Didn't really have a low point today! It was a good day. :)

Feelings: General positivity. I had a good day and felt pretty consistently content, if not happy. As I'm writing this I'm feeling a little congested and my cough is coming back, but I know it'll be fine by tomorrow afternoon.

Accomplishments: Was immensely proud of myself for going to IHOP and having a delicious meal that I DIDN'T immediately guilt myself over. I think it was a big step in feeling good about myself. :) Not counting calories has been really, really hard, but I know that it's better for me in the long run and I'm staying healthier because of it.

daily journal, 6/21/12

Day 2!

Breakfast: one strawberry-blueberry muffin, toasted with butter
Lunch: broccoli and cheddar soup, salad with vinaigrette dressing
Dinner: asparagus risotto, two "Chik'n Griller" patties (vegan), three slices watermelon
Drinks: definitely not enough, considering the weather. One cup of tea, a strawberry mojito with lunch (yum!), and a total of four cups of water

Walked across a parking lot, and swam for about 10 minutes (not laps, just leisurely swimming, but it's movement!).

DSCF3298Yellow peplum top (Forever 21), khaki shorts (Old Navy), flats (Target), yellow beaded necklace (Old Navy). Not pictured because I added them after I took the pic, but I also wore a gold-beaded bracelet and earring set I found at a thrift store in Boston.

High Point: Lunch with MN and HJC, who I haven't seen in almost three years. Exciting!

Low Point: Finding out that my visit with Fiance this weekend won't be nearly as long as I thought--and I didn't get the phone call I was hoping for tonight. This summer's distance is a lot harder than any of our others have been so far. Not sure why it's so hard to adapt this time, but I'm hoping it gets better soon, or it's going to be a pretty miserable summer.

Feelings: Really missing Fiance. Chest cold is definitely getting better, though still at its worst in the mornings and evenings (I've been coughing pretty constantly for the past hour or so.) Going to make a cup of tea and apply some Vicks before bed. Had a pretty enjoyable dinner with the parents, and Mom (SHOCK!) bought me a wedding crafts book. I was stunned, and really proud that she's taking this step toward really accepting that Fiance and I are really going to get married, even if it is still off in the future. So that was good. :)

Accomplishments: I wrote about a thousand words of my Avengers fic today! It's not the original stories I'd like to be writing, but I've been in a funk for so long that I'm just really happy that I was able to do any writing at all. :)


daily journal, 6/20/2012

Okay, this is my first day trying to get back into the swing of my journalling. Let's see how we do.

I did a decent job today. As always, dinner killed me: that's always where I end up splurging. Ended up with this breakdown:
Breakfast: Morningstar Farms BBQ Riblet (vegan)
Lunch: 1/2 peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread, nectarine, sugar snap peas
Dinner: Tofu and broccoli stir-fry in a garlic sauce with brown rice (3 servings...oops), one total scoop of ice cream (1/2 chocolate peanut butter, 1/2 mint chocolate chip)
Fluids: one thermos of tea (approx. 2.5 cups), one full water bottle (approx. 3 cups), one 12 oz can Diet Coke (no calories, but not great for me), two glasses of water with dinner.

None, other than sweating my butt off in the car. Holy heat wave, batman.

A little less put-together than I'd like, but:
DSCF3295Teal tank top (Target), brown skirt (Old Navy), necklace (Old Navy), pumps (Payless)
DSCF3296Closeup on the shoes, because they're new and I love them.

High Point of the Day: Baking muffins and watching a movie with MN, and Dad going out and surprising us with ice cream.

Low Point of the Day: Paying the credit card bill, and not hearing from Fiance for the second day in a row. Saddest panda--long distance is harder than I remember. :(

Feelings: Still getting over the Plague, but definitely starting to feel an improvement in my voice and breathing. Still coughing quite a lot. Mood was pretty good all day, though now that I'm in bed I'm feeling sad about how far away Fiance is. Hopefully we'll see each other this weekend, even if it's just for a little while. Fingers crossed.

Accomplishments: Baked muffins, and didn't eat a single one! I'm planning to have two for breakfast tomorrow (they're pretty small) and if they're yummy, I'll post the recipe!

Not bad for day one. Let's see if I can keep this up!

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Today is Day 12 (TWELVE) of The Plague. Still coughing, stuffy, general feeling of crappiness, etc. Blah. For the past week or so I've barely had an appetite, but yesterday I was bored so I ate a LOT of crappy food. Not feeling great about that. I think I'm going to do a weigh-in on Friday morning and count that as my Official Starting Weight for the summer. Hopefully that will inspire me to eat properly for the rest of the week.

Plan for today is work until 2, and then have MN over for a Thor watching party (by "party" I mean...we're going to sit on the couch and watch Thor. We're not big partiers.) I think I'm going to start re-doing my daily food posts, but I'm going to add some new elements:

(maybe with pics? This will inspire me to dress like I care!)
High point of the day
Low point of the day
(general feelings of mental and physical health)

I think it will be good for me to really journal all the aspects of my day--that way, if I feel worse one day and better another, I can keep track of what I've changed!

Weight-loss friends: how do you journal your daily progress?

Friday weigh-in

I started this week at 145.2 lbs on Monday. Today, I weighed in at 143.5 lbs--a loss of 1.7 pounds this week!!

I still don't think I'm going to make it to 135 by the time Fiance comes home. But I definitely think it's doable to get down to the 130s!!

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

How is your weight loss going?


Hey everyone! I know I have been suspiciously absent for awhile, and I'm super sorry about that. The last few weeks have been really difficult, physically and emotionally, mostly due to the fact that there was just too much on my plate. BUT, I've turned things around, I think, and we're back on track.

So let's talk positives!
- I broke my 146-lb weight plateau, and as of yesterday I am down to 145.2! My goal is to be in the 130s (even if it's the high 130s) by the time Fiance comes home. And speaking of Fiance...
- FIANCE COMES HOME IN LESS THAN A MONTH!! 30 days to be exact. I am so excited to see him. I had planned to be super slim and slender by the time he got back, but really? I know he loves my body no matter what, and I'm going to be too busy smothering him with cuddles for him to even look at it. (Well, until the not-cuddling starts. :P)
- I have finished 2/6 grad school application essays, and dropped off all of my letter of reference materials to the lovely folks who are writing my recommendations.
- It's almost Thanksgiving break! For Tofurkey Day, I'll be going back to my hometown, playing with the high school marching band in our rivalry game against The Evil Empire (as we fondly call them). Marching band alums always play the field show and attend the special breakfast with the rest of the band Thanksgiving Day morning. Also, my two adorable baby cousins (we shall call them Berry and Gobe, as those are their nicknames) will be visiting with their parents. (Down side of that is that I'm being evicted from my bedroom, but it's okay. Sister and I will have a sibling-bonding sleepover.)
- I got an 'A' on a paper that I wrote in (literally) 2 hours!

All in all, things are going fairly well right now.

What are some positive things in your lives right now?

Friday weigh-in


After four days of eating perfectly and going to the gym for an hour every day, I have lost ABSOLUTELY  NOTHING. I am exactly the same as Monday's weigh-in, 146.2 pounds. And I am royally pissed.

I'm calling my doctor today. This long a plateau is just not okay, considering how much I am doing to try and lose weight. I cried the entire half hour drive to work this morning because I was so upset.

Being positive is just not working anymore.


challenge day 24

Tumblr 30 day weight loss challenge, day 24: How do you feel about the terms pro-ana/pro-mia?

I think anyone who identifies with either needs to get themselves to a mental health professional, STAT. Anorexia and Bulimia are not diet plans, they are not weight-loss strategies, they are mental illnesses. They have serious emotional, psychological, and physical side effects; they are not fucking Tumblr trends.

I would personally like to go up to every single person who is "pro-ana" or "pro-mia" and do this:


DISCLAIMER: I am obviously not talking about slapping people who are actually suffering from anorexia or bulimia. I'm talking about the people who say "yay I am going to starve myself for three days to lose some weight haha #pro-ana" or "omg i ate a cookie, brb taking seven laxatives and eight diet pills and sticking my finger down my throat #pro-mia" and people who post pictures of anorexia victims as "thinspiration" and people who are not aware that they are spreading the message that these techniques are in any way okay. They are all assholes and deserve a serious reality check. In the form of a slap to the face.